Thursday, February 10, 2011

2011 Farm To Do List

At the beginning of each year, Noah and I usually sit down and make a to do list for our home, farm and life in general for the rest of the year. We also revisit our checklist from the year before and have fun checking everything off that we completed. Of course we never complete everything, but it is nice to feel like we accomplished something. While we got a lot done on our farm last year, our largest project by far was building our new hay barn. It consumed pretty much the whole year since Noah built the entire thing by himself. It is not completely finished yet, but when it is, I plan to add a whole entry devoted to it. I thought I would share our to do list for 2011. I have left off our personal goals and things that need to be done to our house since this is primarily a farm blog. This is the list in no particular order:
  • · Install new driveway gate and gate to hay field
  • · Finish batten in hay barn
  • · Finish running electric outside
  • · Cut, split and stack wood
  • · Finish inside of hay barn including stalls, heated room, medical cove, ladder, and chute
  • · Clean and organize barns
  • · Clean and organize garage and grain loft
  • · Complete Herd Health Monthly
  • · Update Alpaca Nation and Open Herd Websites
  • · Get fiber tested
  • · Add some new chickens and geese to the farm (Noah is not on board with this one yet, but I am working on him)
  • · Watch our cria be born and re-breed females for next year
  • · Continuing learning and practicing how to spin fiber into yarn
  • · Learn and complete some new alpaca fiber craft projects
  • · Build driveway to hay field
  • · Organize 2010 alpaca expenses and mileage and complete taxes
  • · Create alpaca financial spreadsheets
  • · Rake and weed flower beds
  • · Landscape around Alpaca Farm sign
  • · Harvest Hay/Sell Hay/Store Hay
  • · Sell more products created from alpaca fiber
  • · Bring alpacas to 4-6 shows
  • · Advertise more and sell alpacas
  • · Farm Open House
  • · Shearing (including Noah shearing more of our own alpacas)
  • · Build new alpaca hay feeders
  • · Purchase sprayer
  • · Purchase hay elevator
  • · Re-seed pastures
  • · Plant trees in fields
  • · Halter train
  • · Add new pasture and gates
  • · Attend educational seminars
  • · Learn to do our own fecal tests
  • · Continue involvement in MI-ALPACA on the Board of Directors and through Committees
  • · Attend a few SWMAA Meetings
Will all of this get done in 2011??? I sure hope so. Now all we need is for this snow to go away, so we can get started!


WonderWhyGal said...

Yikes! I got tired reading your list. You can do it...or most of it. Make sure you include all the time for your newest little Schwander though...she's the most important part of your life right now and will grow faster than you wish.

Oak Haven Alpacas said...

I'm tired just reading that!

since Zack has been bouncing off the walls lately, I think I'll send him over to your house to help you out :) spitting and stacking wood would help him calm down LOL


Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

It is a little daunting. I am sure we won't be able to get it all done, but I hope to take a big chunk out of it this year. Eliza got an all terrain radio flyer wagon for Christmas so hopefully we can just pull her around the farm as we work on the list and do chores once the weather warms up. Cara...send Zack on over! We could always use the help! ; )

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