Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome FCA Incan Alchemy

We added a new herdsire to our herd yesterday. We bred our girl Lady to FCA Incan Alchemy last year, which produced our little ASH Incan Alchemy's Peruvian Panacea. We are really happy with how he turned out and are excited to get him in the show ring next year. Our friends at Flying Cloud Alpacas decided to retire this year and were selling the rest of their alpacas this weekend. They contacted us a few days ago and offered us a deal on Alchemy that we could not refuse. They knew that we were very happy with our Alchemy cria, and had been interested in possibly purchasing him in the past. We have been looking for a good quality full peruvian fawn male to compliment our grey breeding program and Alchemy fits the bill. He has done well in the show ring and has awesome conformation and fiber characteristics. Here is some information about Alchemy from our AlpacaNation page, click on his name below for more information on his fiber, lineage, and show record:
Incan Alchemy is a fabulous light fawn, full Peruvian, 3/4 Accoyo proven herdsire. Alchemy is covered in bright crimpy bundles. His fiber exhibits uniformity in expression of crimp from his topknot to his toes. His coat also has excellent color uniformity. Alchemy's dam is Royal Peruvian Adelphi, a Royal Fawn daughter and full sister to Royal Apollo. She is an awesome producer of champions. Incan Alchemy carries on his mother's beautiful, stylish phenotype and outstanding fiber characteristics. Incan Alchemy has world class genetics on his sires side as well. He is sired by WLM Camillo who is sired by Caligula and his great grandsire is Peruvian Hemmingway.

Noah picked Alchemy up last night and got home around 7pm. He checked his mouth and found that his fighting teeth had already been trimmed, so we felt okay about putting him in with our two big bully males Smokey and Sequoia. While Smokey is 7 years old and Sequoia is 4 years old, they are both quite a bit smaller than Alchemy who is 5 years old. Alchemy is a very big boy and I was a little worried to see how all three males would do together. At Flying Cloud, they had Alchemy in a pen by himself. He used to be housed with other males, but is sounds like he starting beating on them once he started breeding. Well, we put Alchemy in with the bullies. They attempted to jump on him and pummel him, but they bounced off like he was a brick wall. Alchemy is so large and solid that they looked like little cria playing with an adult alpaca. Instead of fighting back, Alchemy would just spit at Smokey and Sequoia. So far they are all doing really well with each other. I am a little worried what might happen if Alchemy decides to really fight back because I am pretty sure he could beat the smaller boys up with no problem. It's probably better that Alchemy went into their territory and not the other way around....otherwise Smokey and Sequoia would probably have ended up in a world of hurt. I am very happy they are all getting along well though....maybe Alchemy will be a peacekeeper in the boy herd and things will be more quiet around here. I am very excited to add Alchemy to our herd and we will be changing our plan of who we will be breeding who to this fall. Also, we might have to start calling our little Alchemy something else, because having two Alchemy's around might get confusing. Here is a picture of Alchemy when he was younger.....I just love his look!


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