Sunday, August 15, 2010


Things have been absolutely hectic around here lately. Noah has started back to work at Cannonsburg Ski Area, which has made us adjust our whole farm routine. There is just so much to do and with us both working full time, things have been crazy. We have been scrambling to get ready for the arrival of our new baby....including completely gutting and refinishing a nursery, baby showers, prenatal appointments, reading books, birth classes, buying a mini van, and keeping a baby blog (which I am simultaneously downloading pictures onto as I write for the farm blog). We have been busy trying to get things done on the farm, including finishing building our barn, putting up a fence around our yard for the dogs, herd health, birthing baby alpacas, cria shearing our own cria and cria at other farms, breeding alpacas, harvesting hay, keeping up with the farm blog, sitting on the board and committees for MI-ALPACA and all the day to day farm chores. Somehow, I feel like my 3 months of maternity leave is going to feel like a vacation....maybe a sleepless vacation....but a vacation nonetheless.

Because we have been so busy and have been spending so much money this year on our farm and baby, we decided to simplify things for this fall. Normally fall is a busy and expensive time of the year for us. We usually attend alpaca shows, are busy breeding alpacas before winter comes, have alpaca booths at local events and fairs, and have a farm open house for National Alpaca Farm Days. This year we have decided to simplify and skip most of these things. We will still be visiting one alpaca show for a day, LlamaFest and Alpaca Showcase, but will not be showing any animals. If we feel up to it, we may try to visit the Michigan International AlpacaFest, but I am not counting on it. We will also be breeding most of our females, but do not plan to purchase any breedings this year. Any outside breedings we get, we are trading for to save some money. We also do not plan to travel far for breedings this year and are looking locally to save time and money. I am also not quite as determined as I was last year to make sure every single one of our females is bred by winter. We will not be participating in any fiber fairs, including the First Annual Alpaca Showcase at the Harvest Fest in Calhoun County (it is the week following our due date) and we will definitely not be having a farm open house since National Alpaca Farm Days is the weekend before my due date.

I am a little sad to not be participating as much as we have in the past in all these alpaca events, but at the same time I am relieved because I feel like my plate is overflowing right now. Right now, a little simplifying is what we need. We plan to get involved again next year.

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