Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Onyx's Cria

One of our boarders Onyx had her first cria today. We got to see the whole birth which was awesome. Everything went really well. Onyx was so calm to whole time, until the cria's head, neck and legs were dangling out and then she started humming frantically and spinning in circles trying to see what was happening. The poor girl seemed so confused. The cria is a true black male out of our herdsire Smokey. He weighed 16 lbs at birth. He is one of the cutest cria we have had born on our farm to date. He is small and stocky like his parents and has an adorable short little face. One of his ears is a little floppy still and I think he looks like a little black lamb. So cute. We nursed Onyx out a bit and gave the cria some colostrum and now he is nursing really well on his own. Onyx is a good mother, but she seems to forget about her little guy sometimes and then realizes he is not next to her and then searches frantically for him. He doesn't have a name yet, but I will let you know what his owners decide on. Here are some pictures of the birth and cria.

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