Sunday, August 8, 2010

Baby Shower and Alpacas

Last weekend was my first baby shower. Noah and I got some amazing gifts, but my favorite gift was a hand made alpaca sweater and hat from Cara Stray at Oak Haven Alpacas. Not only did she spin the fiber into yarn and knit the outfit herself, but it is out of one of our very own alpacas Cafe who used to be owned by them. I love it so much! I can't wait to see our little one sporting it this fall and winter! Thank you so much Cara! Here are some pictures of the garments and Cafe.


Also, here are a few pictures from the shower. My cake had a cria on top of it and my cousin thought it would be interesting to integrate it into a few other pictures at the shower! It's like playing Where's Waldo? I joked that I am going to put this alpaca on our child's birthday cake every year until they turn 18 years old!

Thanks to all my wonderful Aunt's, Grandma and cousins for hosting such a wonderful shower!

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