Monday, July 12, 2010

Apple's Cria

I slept horribly last night. Pregnancy induced restless legs syndrome + stress/worry + thunderstorm + fat belly and hard time getting comfortable + bizarre dreams = no sleep. I have a blood disorder called Beta Thalassemia Minor and it is causing some pregnancy issues. Noah and I had planned to birth at a freestanding birth center called the Greenhouse Birth Center, but now because of recent complications due to the disorder, may have to birth in the hospital instead, which I am pretty bummed about. Anyway, some frustration and stress surrounding this issue has caused me to sleep poorly lately....especially last night. So, because I had such a rough night, I ended up sleeping in and rushing off late to work without even checking on Apple like I normally do in the morning. I wish I would have because shortly after I arrived at work, Noah called to say that Apple had her baby that morning (probably around 9am...which is about the time I left for work) and was passing the placenta around 9:45am. On top of my recent frustration, I felt even more frustrated that I had missed the birth. She was humming a lot last night...more than normal....I should have known. Seeing the baby alpacas being born is one of my favorite things about being an alpaca farmer! But I suppose I would rather have a perfect unassisted birth that I miss seeing than seeing a birth that has complications and needs assistance.

Anyway, I came home from work to check the cria out since I live less than 10 minutes from my office. The cria is a little boy. He looks like he will probably be solid bay black. He looks like he has black fiber with dark brown trim on the inside of his legs, on his belly and around his eyes. Almost like really dark vicuna markings. So far, his fiber is very bright and soft, but doesn't have much character. It almost looks like straight human hair. Hopefully he will get some crimp as the fiber grows out. He weighed in at 14.6 lbs and even though he cooked for 345 days, looks like he may be a little premature. His teeth have just barely erupted and his ears are floppy. Also his front legs are very knock kneed and he is walking on his pasturns (backs of legs/ankles) instead of his feet. He looks a lot like a creature from a Dr. Suess book to me. This happens occasionally with newborns and with some sunshine, vitamin D and exercise he should straighten out and be fine. His sire No Small Change aka Peso was also premature at birth and had floppy ears and knock kneed but turned out just fine and actually won lots of ribbons. Actually, comparing the pictures from this morning to the pictures I took this evening, his legs are already looking a little better. Here are pictures of the little guy when he was still damp.
(he looks so tiny next to Alchemy who is 2 months old and twice his weight)

Despite his leg issues, he gets up and around well and is nursing like a champ. Apple is a doting mother and constantly humming to him and chasing him around. Although, she did step on him when he was sleeping and he cried and tried to move and she kept standing on his foot until I moved her leg. Hopefully she will learn to be more gentle. Noah will be naming this cria since I tend to always take over the naming. We are thinking it would be cool to stick with a money theme....his sire is No Small Change aka Peso...his grandsire is Tribute to Money....and his great grandsire is Money Maker. He also just had a half sister born at another farm named Pesos to Pennies. We will see what Noah comes up with.

Here are some pictures of the new little guys this evening after he has dried.


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Anonymous said...

he is handsom, don't worry about the ears or feet, in time they will be strong, dad was the same way. I can't believe bay black, so now one of each (girl, boy) and throwing dark.

cara said...

he looks so cute! I love the darker color :)