Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Swift Kick...Ouch!

When it comes to survival skills, alpacas don't have much going for them. Sure they can run, but when it comes to close combat, their major weapons are spitting and kicking. Sure they buck up and occasionally bite, but they mostly rely on their rancid spit and a swift kick. Neither of these are much of a deterrent when it comes to humans handling alpacas as the stinky spit washes off and because they have padded feet instead of hard hooves, their kicks are normally close to painless. Unfortunately, one of our alpacas, Paisley showed me otherwise last night. Paisley is the only suri alpaca on our farm of huacayas. I have been told that suris tend to be more high strung and skittish than huacayas and we have found this to be true...at least in Paisley's case. She is getting more used to us, but is still rather hyped up and crazy if we touch her. Well, last night, I was innocently walking down a line of feed bowls, putting pellets in each one. This is normally a chaotic time of day because all the alpacas are screeching and spitting at one another as they try to claim a food bowl. Well, I was walking along and out of nowhere, Paisley ran in front of me to try and claim a bowl. Then other alpacas came charging after her to claim the same bowl and I am only assuming she attempted to kick them (she is one of my favorites, so I like to tell myself that she wasn't aiming for me). Well I was wearing shorts and her kick nailed me right on the bare front of my thigh. It stung like crazy and left an instant imprint of an alpaca foot print on my leg. It also scared me because she hit the bucket I was holding as well which made a loud bang. Of course, I was a huge baby about it and started crying. Then Noah got frustrated and yelled which made me cry even harder. Really, I was acting like I was 3 years old, but I had had a long and tiring day at work and was already feeling frustrated about some other things, so maybe a good cry is what I needed. We went in the house and put ice on it. It was so crazy, I had a red raised up foot print right on my leg. Alpacas have a padded foot and two toes, like this.
I of course had to take a picture for the blog.

While alpaca farming is usually relaxing and enjoyable...sometimes it can be a pain too! Ouch!


Randy Bancino said...

Poor Schunchy!


WonderWhyGal said...

At least you got kicked in the thigh, Nancee at 4 Musketeers got it in the nose...had black eyes for a few months.

I don't think you were being a baby. It hurts!

cara said...

Now that is a kick!

I don't think you are being a baby. Those kicks hurt. And that looks like a really hard one.

I've gone to giving any alpaca that even tries to kick me a little swat on their butt. Not that I'm in favor of corporal punishment, just that you can't reason with an alpaca ;) A little swat doesn't hurt them, but it did seem to stop Cav from his feisty foot jabs towards me.

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Thanks for all the support everyone!

Sam Attal said...

That looks like it hurt! I have been kicked on the inside of the thigh as I was walking away from one of my males. They are quick and painful! Hope you are better now.