Friday, June 11, 2010

Naughty Boys and New Barn

I plan to blog more about the barn in another post, but it happened to be in the background of these pictures. Noah has built this new 30 x 30 barn all by himself which is just amazing to me....I am so blessed to have such a talented and hard working husband! I can't wait to move the animals, hay and supplies in when it is finished!

But the real reason for this post are the naughty boys. Riphaeus is 13 months old now and d'Artagnan is 11 months old now, even though he is the bigger of the two boys. These boys have a pasture to themselves right now and I often hear and watch them play fighting. It is very entertaining to watch. They spit, bite each others heads, legs and necks and neck wrestle and throw each other to the ground. Sometimes they do get angry with one another and really try to take the other one out, but for the most part, they are just playing. These little boys may be going to a new home this weekend. I will miss their silly antics out in the field. Luckily we will have a whole new crop of cria to watch play this summer. Here are some pictures Noah caught of them the other day.

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Anonymous said...

The boys are cute....That Barn is Awesome....Way to Go Noah!!!!you da Man!!!! I am so proud of my Son-in-law....