Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy and Little Alchemy Update

Our little crias Macusani's Happily Ever After (Happy) and Incan Alchemy's Peruvian Panacea (little Alchemy) are 3 1/2 weeks old now and doing very well. They are growing everyday...especially Happy. She was born 19.6 lbs and already weighs 29 lbs. Little Alchemy was born 19.2 lbs and weighs 23.5 lbs now. I suspect he is growing at a slower rate because we are bottle feeding him instead of him eating from his mama....but Happy seems to be growing at an extra fast rate too. They are so cute playing together. They run through the field, jump on each other and neck wrestle. They remind me of Rudolf and Clarice from the old Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer claymation movie. They are so cute together!

Alchemy's fiber is looking really good already. We are very impressed and hope that he matures well. He has a tight little crimp and dense fiber already. We would love to use him for a herdsire some day if he turns out well. Happy's fiber is less dense and crimpy, but very fine. She is very fuzzy. It looks like she may be light rose grey after all. She has a lot of greyish white fibers coming in at the skin throughout her fawn coloring, which will make her rose grey. We plan to shear both babies in another week or so. Here are some updated pictures of the little ones at 3 weeks old.

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