Sunday, June 6, 2010

Falling Behind

I am about 2 weeks behind in blogging, so to try and catch up, the next few posts may be fairly brief. We have been very busy around the farm and with work. Noah is working on the barn everyday and it is actually looking like barn now! It has everything but siding on the outside. I can't wait to move all our hay, supplies and pacas in! In the last few weeks we have been breeding alpacas, cutting and baling hay, and watching all the new babies on our farm grow.....crias, ducklings and chicks. We have been very busy in our personal lives as well....holidays and visiting with family, registering for baby gifts, and we recently experienced the loss of a very good friend. I have just not found the time to blog on either our farm blog or the baby blog I am keeping. Next week we leave for vacation in Texas, so I am determined to catch up before then! Stay tuned!

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