Friday, June 18, 2010

Cria Shearing- Happy and Alchemy

Last week, we sheared our two cria before we left for vacation. We wanted to make sure they didn't get too hot when we were away and Noah wanted to get some practice in as he has been asked to shear cria for a few other farms. The cria did great during shearing. Noah made his own new pulley system to tie them down; you can buy them for hundreds of dollars online. I am always amazed at how crafty and innovative Noah is. I am luckily to have such a handy man around. Unfortunately, our new shears weren't working quite right, so it took us 2 or 3 times longer to shear them than normal. Either the new cutters we bought weren't sharpened well or something is wrong with the shears. Noah is going to figure it out when we get back. Because they weren't working well, we had to go over the crias 3-4 times to get them shorn to the skin, so they don't look that great. Alchemy looks better than Happy. Here are some before shearing pictures.
Here are some after shearing pictures. We are still trying to decide what color Happy is. Her neck above has some dirt on it, but underneath, we did find a small silver grey spot. We are thinking she may end up light rose grey, but she is such a strange color. I loved Alchemy's fiber when it came off of was so crimpy and bright.


cara said...

I love Alchemy's crimpy fiber, so pretty! Happy is such a pretty color, even if not typical, it's neat. I bet they both feel better having that heavy coat off.

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

I think Alchemy was a little chilly at first, so I put a coat on him for a night or two, but he is doing well now. Let us know if/when you want Copper sheared.