Saturday, June 12, 2010

Breeding Season has Begun

Alpaca breeding season has begun at Ashton Stone Alpacas. We normally breed alpacas between June and September on our farm so we have babies due mid May through mid September. We like to avoid the cold Michigan weather months. We are boarding a couple females who are at our farm for breeding. We have also started breeding our own females. So far, the only one of our own who we have bred is Lady. Alpacas are most receptive to getting pregnant 2-3 weeks after they give birth. Lady and Bellesa both gave birth 3 1/2 weeks ago. We decided to wait to breed Bellesa. She is an older girl and is underweight. Since she is nursing Happy, she could use some time off. We don't plan to breed her unless we can get her weight up. So far, she is doing well. We have her on alfalfa hay and 3 cups of high energy grain per day and she seems to be putting on some weight.

We bred Lady last weekend. We always have such a tough time deciding who to breed all our alpacas to and the more alpacas we get, the more difficult it gets to find the perfect herdsire for each of them. After much discussion, we decided to breed Lady to IVF Red Hot Fiesta this year. Lady is full Peruvian and we normally breed her to other full Peruvian boys, but this year, we decided to try something different since we have plenty of other full Peruvian alpacas on our farm right now. Fiesta is an adorable little rose grey male. He has taken blue ribbons at every show he has attended and has taken color champion at every show but one. He is the son of the elite grey sire A of O Silver-Celebration (deceased). Fiesta's dam is a AOBA Nationals blue ribbon winner. Fiesta has herdsires like Leon, Bueno, Don Julio, Quicksilver, Silvino, Shaquille, and Jericho in his background. He is truly an elite grey alpaca. Lady has thrown grey in the past so we can't wait to see what we get! Lady is our best foundation female and Fiesta is an awesome grey alpaca, so I am hoping they will be an awesome match and produce something wonderful for us next year.

This is Fiesta's first year breeding. Some males catch on to the techniques of breeding much faster than others. Fiesta is still trying to get the hang of it. He did get the job done last weekend though on a drive-by breeding, so we will see if it takes. We are keeping our fingers crossed. Lady has always gotten pregnant in one or two breedings. Here are some pictures of Lady (full fleece and still pregnant a few weeks ago) and Fiesta.

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cara said...

what a cutie Fiesta is!! Can't wait to see what Lady will produce.

It's funny how it can get so complicated deciding who is just right to breed together. We change our minds so many times.