Monday, May 24, 2010

Jolie Rouge takes 4th at Nationals

Jolie Rouge has returned from the AOBA National Show and took 4th in a class of 4 dark brown juvie girls. I was surprised to hear how small her class was for being a level V show (2500 alpacas in attendance). The judge commented that he would have been happy to take any of the alpacas in her class home, which is nice to hear. Two of the other alpacas in the class were from large farms (where they normally have more show worthy alpacas to choose from to bring to show) and the third was out one of the most famous grey herdsires in the country, A of O Silver-Celebration (now deceased). We are proud of how little Jolie stood up again the competition. The judge commented on Jolie's great style and architecture, but that she was less dense than the alpacas who placed before her and her crimp fell out towards the outer lengths of her staple (which may have been avoided if we had waited to shear her cria tips off for a few more weeks after she was born). I am sad that we were not able to make it down to Nationals ourselves, but so happy that Jolie came home with a ribbon (although...because we did not go...we were able to greet a newborn baby alpaca at Oak Haven Alpacas while we were farm sitting for them which was exciting). We sheared Jolie today and she looks absolutely adorable. I think she is very happy to have her winter coat off as this week is going to be in the high 80's all week! I will have to get some pictures of her with her pretty pink ribbon!

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cara said...

It's not too often you get to see another farm's cria before they do :) Sancha knew we all weren't looking, she's such a stinker.