Friday, May 7, 2010

Baby Fever Part II

I posted a few weeks back about baby fever. If I thought baby fever was bad on our farm has increased exponentially since then! I am incredibly anxious for our first cria of the year. We first bred Bellesa to Mac back in 2008 and she reabsorbed and had to be rebred last I feel like I have been waiting for this baby for 2 years!!!! And now that her due date has come and gone, I feel like I am ready to pull my hair out. She is at 351 days today and with her last 8 cria, has always gone weeks sooner! Every morning, I run out to the barn bright and early only to find her kushed munching on hay or grass and staring at me with her big beautiful brown eyes. She doesn't seem to appreciate me staring at her as I am constantly watching her, looking for signs of labor. The cria is very active. I watched him/her bounce around like crazy in her tummy this morning. I think it definitely wants out! In addition to Bellesa, we have 6 other alpacas due on our farm. Lady is only a few weeks away from her due date. I predict she will deliver towards the end of May sometime.

So I mentioned baby fever spreading on our farm like wild fire. Of course I am 5 months pregnant now. Seven of the alpacas are pregnant. Our runner duck started sitting on eggs a few weeks ago. Then this past week our rouen duck and our silkie hen started sitting on eggs as well. Then, much to our surprise, we had our great dane Rozalyn into the vets the other day for a routine visit and I mentioned that her nipples had really grown recently. The vet said "oh...yup...she is lactating." Noah and I both said "WHAT!" Apparently, Roz has caught the baby fever as well and is experiencing a false pregnancy! The vet told us that she would probably start nesting and adopt a stuffed animal or another pet soon. She said the phenomenon is nothing to worry about (unless we planned to breed her, which we do not) and should go away in the next few week. So almost every single female on our farm, except our juvi alpacas, our spayed barn cat and our other dane Lola (who is only 10 months old) is either pregnant or thinks they are pregnant! I am starting to think that there is something in out water! Anyone visiting our farm...beware!

(As a side story...I sent Noah outside in his PJs in the rain last night with a flashlight after I heard one of the female ducks wandering around our front yard quacking in the middle of the night. I was concerned that a raccoon or opossum had found them on their nests and that they ran and were now lost in the dark. Noah was a little grumpy and came back in to report that the nests looked fine, but the ducks were not on them and he could hear them quacking down by the pond. I left the yard lights on, hoping they would come back so their little eggs wouldn't get too cold. I know that birds don't see well in the dark, although our ducks seem to be able to see better than the chickens. I hoped that the house lights were enough light for them to find their way back to their nests. I worried about it throughout the night....especially our runner duck since she had faithfully been sitting on those eggs for several weeks now. When I checked on them when I woke up this morning, they were both back sitting on their nests. I wonder what spooked them enough to leave their nests in the middle of the night. Whatever it was, I hope it doesn't come back!)


WonderWhyGal said...

I am laughing so hard right now. Poor Roz...hope she finds a special stuffed animal to love on. I think I won't plan a visit to your farm for awhile...there must be something in the water.

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Ha Ha! Glad I could give you a laugh! I am thinking it must be the water!