Saturday, March 20, 2010

Welcome Home Miss Paisley

Rummy's Paisley came home to our farm a week ago from Alpaca Jacks Suri Farm in Ohio. So far, she seems to be settling in just fine. The other alpacas chased her around a bit sniffing her at first. Now they don't seem to mind her unless she bumps into them and then they of course screech or spit at her. She seems to be hanging out with the younger alpacas that are more her age and size. She also seems very curious of Noah and me. She will run right up to us when we go out there. She'll stand a few feet away from us and just look at us. She already seems to have gotten the hang of coming into the barn with the rest of the alpacas for grain time and is already munching on hay. I am excited to have her home and I think I am already falling in love with her sweet face and beautiful grey locks! Here are a few pictures I snapped of her today:

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cara said...

I'm so glad she's ajusting well. She does have such a cute face!