Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ultimate Pooper Scooper

We finally decided that it was time to add a new toy to our farm to help us accomplish farm chores more quickly and efficiently. We brought our brand new Cub Cadet Sub Compact Tractor home yesterday. We shopped around a lot looking for the best deal and what type of tractor would best suit our needs on our farm. We looked at new and used tractors including John Deeres, Kabotas, Massey Furgusons, AgCos, and Cub Cadets. Although it would be great to have a tractor large enough to do our own hay (currently we have a neighbor who harvests it for us), we decided that a smaller and less expensive tractor would fill the rest of our farm chore needs for now. We looked at many compact and subcompact tractors and decided that we could accomplish the same jobs on our farm with a subcompact that we could with a compact (which is a little larger) and save some money. While I really liked the John Deeres...mostly because they were a pretty green, and Noah liked the Kabotas, we decided on a Cub Cadet. It had many of the features that Noah liked on the Kabotas and it was a little less expensive. What really sold me on it was the spring promotion that they had going on which included a free grass/leaf collection system (a $2200 value)! We have some pretty old trees on our property that look beautiful in the summer and fall, but drop leaves like crazy towards the end of the year. Raking leaves the last two years has been a horrible undertaking and with us having a baby this fall, I am really looking forward to just vacuuming up the leaves instead of breaking my back raking! To check out more information on the tractor follow this link to Cub Cadet's website:

Sc2400 TLD Sub Compact Tractor

We plan to get lots done around our farm this spring and summer using this tractor. It has a front end loader which will make scooping alpaca poop and cleaning out the stalls in the barn a breeze. It will also be a quick trip hauling poo down to the compost pile. We also plan to use it to clean up the pile of rubble that is left from our barn fire from last fall. We also plan to construct a separate drive way into our hay field (right now the hay tractor has to drive through our front lawn to get to the field), which the front end loader will come in handy for. We are getting a post hole attachment for the tractor so we can dig holes for posts for our new barn. We also plan to split some of our alpaca pastures and fence in our yard for the dogs. When we originally put our paca pastures in, Noah dug every post hole (over 100) by hand. It was quite the chore....he is looking forward to using the tractor this time around. We will also use the tractor to cut our lawn. It came with a 60 inch mower deck and drives up to 9 miles an hour, so our several acre lawn should take much less time to cut now. It will also be nice for hauling things like wood and rocks and for doing some landscaping. Of course this fall, we plan to use it to pick up leaves and then this winter we will use it to plow our driveway. In the future, Noah would like to get a rototiller and grading attachments for our pastures (there are all kinds of cool attachments you can get for this thing), but we have spent enough money for now. Now it's time for spring cleaning around the farm! Here are some pictures of the new tractor. Notice how nice and new and shiny it looks. I am sure it won't always look that way once it is put to work on our farm.

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cara said...

Congratulations! That looks like a very handy farm *toy*. My husband is very jealous.