Monday, March 22, 2010

d'Artagnan the Clumsy Clown

Our 8 month old little boy d'Artagnan has turned out to be quite the character. He is a friendly little boy with a laid back personality. He is very curious and this curiosity has seemed to get him into some trouble. About a month ago, d'Artagnan was at Oak Haven Alpacas for weaning when he had an incident with a sled. Apparently Dar freaked out because he was alone in the barn when Cara was refilling hay bins and he ran out. While running out of the barn he got his leg caught in the rope of the sled she was using to haul hay. Because his leg was tangled, he freaked out even more and started running through the pasture with the sled full of hay chasing behind him until his leg finally let loose. For Cara's version of the story, check out their blog at:

Pasture Sledding

Well this week, Dar had another unfortunate incident. During the winter, we feed our alpacas pellets in the barn instead of outside because of all the snow. Noah had let the alpacas into the barn to eat their grain last week. He left them in there for a little bit and went back outside to play with the dogs. While playing with the dogs, he heard a commotion in the barn. As Noah was running to the barn, all the the alpacas came running out into the catch pen and pasture like they were being chased. Last came Dar, running terrified with a plastic lawn chair caught around his neck and front legs. The chair looked something like this:
Picture the chair tipped on its side with Dar's head/neck stuck through one arm rest hoop and his front legs stuck through the other arm rest hoop. Dar was bucking all over the place and running trying to get the chair off. Noah ran up to him and told him to stop, which he instantly did. I think he knew Noah was there to help him. He stood still as Noah removed the chair from his neck and legs. Luckily Dar was not injured and the chair was only mildly cracked and broken in the ordeal. We have no idea what would possess him to stick his head through the chair in the first place. Such a crazy alpaca!

Here's a picture of the clumsy clown:


cara said...

I love that story! He really is a character.

Anonymous said...

He sounds very obedient!