Sunday, March 21, 2010

Best of the US Alpaca Show Results

Oak Haven Alpacas has returned from their busy weekend at the Best of the US Alpaca Show in Columbus, OH. They took four of our alpacas with them to show in addition to five of their own.

The first of ours up to show was Ashton Stones Jolie Rouge. She ended up being placed in the bay black class instead of dark brown. Her coloring is slightly darker than dark brown, but lighter than bay black. AOBA rules say that if an animal is between color shades, it shall get bumped to the darker class, therefore Jolie was in the bay black class. She competed against 2 other bay black juvies and took FIRST PLACE! We are very excited to get a blue ribbon! The judge commented that Jolie had good confirmation and balanced proportions. She also commented on her good staple length, consistent color and fine fiber with a soft handle and little guard hair. The alpacas placed below her had more density, but not as soft handles or consistent fleece. They also had white fibers in their fleece. We are so excited for Jolie and know that her mama Snowflake would have been proud. I am looking forward to getting her in the ring again at the Michigan Breeders Show in May.

The next of ours to show was Ashton Stones Peruvian d'Artagnan. Dar was in a class of 8 alpacas and ended up taking 6th place. The judge commented on his good staple length. Here is a picture of Dar with his ribbon after he got home.

The next of ours to show was Ashton Stones Peruvian Riphaeus. Riph was in a large class of 14. I had high hopes for our boy, but he ended up getting the gate. The judge had a difficult time deciding whether to give the gate to Riph or the boy who took 6th place and went back and forth comparing them, but in the end Riph did not place. I am really hoping he places at the Michigan Breeders Show in May. He is such handsome boy with nice proportions and dense fiber. He could use brightness and a little more structure to his crimp though. He was also the smallest boy in the ring, so hopefully he grows some before the next show. We will see.

The last of ours that was supposed to show was Rummy's Paisley, our new juvenile grey suri. She was picked up from her farm on the way to the show, so was a little stressed by the time she got to the show. Much to my dismay, she was not as halter trained as I was lead to believe and ended up not going in the ring for her class. Poor Justin and Cara could not get her stand up with the halter on and she would just kush and foam at the mouth. They felt that she was just too stressed to take into the ring and unfortunately even had to be carried out to the trailer when they left because she refused to walk on halter. I am pretty bummed about this as she was the only alpaca in her class so she would have come home with a ribbon...maybe even a blue! We plan to work with her on halter before her next show in May. At least she seems calm and is doing well at our farm so far.

Lastly, Jolie, d'Artagnan, and Ashton Stones Little Miss Rosco (who is now owned by Oak Haven Alpacas and who took 5th place in a large class of black juvies) went in the ring together for Get of Sire for Smokey. Although these 3 offspring of Smokey look very different, they have similar fineness, staple length and brightness in their fiber. Smokey took 3rd out of 4 for get of Sire, placing behind 2 large and well known farms. We are happy as Smokey was never shown and this is his first ribbon!
We are looking forward to getting into the ring ourselves at the Michigan Breeders Show and Fiber Fair the first weekend in May! Hopefully we will come home with some more ribbons!

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