Saturday, February 20, 2010

Halter Training Time Part II

Noah and I fit halters on the 3 cria Jolie Rouge, d'Artagnan and Riphaeus last night and took them out for their first lesson. There wasn't a lot of time before it got dark, but we got some training in. They definitely did not like putting the halters on and did not like being led away from the rest of the herd. First we led them all out together and then we worked with them individually.
d'Artagnan did the best on the halter. I don't think he will require much more training. He has always been the most calm and friendly cria of the bunch. Although, I did notice that when we put him back with the herd, he seemed stressed and ran to his mom and started to nurse. I had thought that he was already weaned, so it looks like he may need a little more time away from mom.

Jolie Rouge was the next easiest, although, she will need some more work. She tended to just follow Dar around everywhere.

Riphaeus is the oldest and most stubborn of the bunch. He did not like the halter and refused to follow the other cria who were doing pretty well. He even jumped up and fell down at one point because he was fighting the halter. I noticed that he tended to do better when I held the lead rope closer to his face.

We have three more weeks to work with them before the show. I am confident that they will be ready in time!

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Tamara said...

Looks as if you all had a really good time! I am glad you posted photos the crias are all adorable. Tamara