Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Bellies and Bad Attitudes

Tensions were high out in the barn this morning during feeding time. I let all the alpacas into the large part of the barn to give them their pellets in the morning and evening during the winter because of all the snow outside. Everyone came running in as usual. Some of the pregnant ladies are really starting to show. Bellesa and Lady have big round low hanging bellies. They are due the soonest in April and May. We have seven pregnant girls total and they all seemed extra grumpy this morning. Even though I put out more bowls of grain than there are alpacas, they spit and fought over them more than normal. Poor Apple got attacked from both sides when Bellesa and Silver Sox were on each side of her and decided to give her the boot by both spitting at her at the same time. After everyone was done eating, I usually let them play in the barn a little longer. The crias like to pronk and jump around chasing one another in the barn and the pregnant girls like to roll on the cement and rub up against the stacks of hay. I think the pacas are sick of winter and are ready for spring and new cria!

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