Friday, January 22, 2010


I feel like our lives and blog have been filled with lots of misery over the last year. My family members always comment how it seems like we live in the little house on the prairie. Sometimes I feel like I can relate to the Ingalls family and all the hardship they went through, but they had some happy times too. Just like there were good times in Walnut Grove...there are good times at Ashton Stone Alpacas too. We had our vet out to the farm to do ultrasounds today. All the time that Noah and I spent breeding and behavior testing alpacas last summer paid off! 100 % of our females are pregnant! We were hoping for 8 babies in 2010...6 of our own and 2 boarders. We of course lost Snowflake's little boy yesterday, so we are now down to 7 cria due between late April and early September. I am so excited and pray for healthy cria. Noah and I love to take walks and guess what sex and color each cria will be. We of course have our guesses of what we think it will be and then we talk about what we HOPE it will be. It is fun to daydream!

I was able to snap some pictures of the ultrasounds today. They may not look like much, but there is a baby in all of them. Noah and I are getting pretty good at reading the ultrasound machine. I would love to have one of our own someday!

Bellesa is 8 months pregnant here. She is due in April. The blob in the middle is part of the cria. The cria is too large at this point to see it all on the screen.

Lady is 7 1/2 months pregnant here. She is due in May. I definitely knew she was pregnant without the ultrasound as she is already getting quite the round belly, but it is always nice to actually see it! The blob in the lower left is part of the cria. The black area around it is fluid in the uterus.
We didn't get a good picture of Apple's ultrasound. She is 5 1/2 months along and due in July. She was refusing to cooperate and was screeching and spitting at us. Like her Mama Lady, I definitely knew she was pregnant too before the ultrasound as she has become very very grumpy and difficult to work with (she used to be our most friendly and best behaved alpaca). She is also super aggressive towards our male now if he get anywhere near her.

One of our boarders Onyx is 5 months along and due in July. The blob on the left side of the screen is the cria surrounded by fluid in the uterine horn.

Silver Sox is 4 1/2 months along and also due in July. This was the girl who has had reproductive issues in the past. She had a difficult time maintaining pregnancies in the first 90 days and has had retained CL's. Miraculously, she was only bred once before we picked her up in Indiana and she got pregnant and held it! We are very excited! You can sort of make out some of the structure of the cria in this image. The large oval shape is the cria's body.
Another one of our boarders, Cinderella is 4 months along and due in August. Again, you can sort of make out some of the structure of the cria in this image as well.

Maree Sol is 4 months along and due in early September. This is about how far along Snowflake was when she passed away. It is strange to imagine that the blob seen in the image below looks like Snowflake's little cria that we got to see yesterday.

We are hoping and praying for easy births and lots of healthy cria this year. Even though we lost Snowflake's little JR, I am excited for the 7 other babies who are on their way!

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