Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rummy's Paisley

We have decided to embark on a new alpaca side project for 2010. I have always been absolutely in love with grey and appaloosa suri alpacas. There is something about the way their silky grey and/or dappled locks move and sway that enthralls me. I have always known that we would someday add grey and/or appaloosa suris to our farm, but I didn't realize we would be dabbling in the suri world so soon. Of course I have coveted many a grey alpaca on AlpacaNation and finally found a girl that I knew needed to be added to our farm. I found Rummy's Paisley at Alpaca Jack's Suri Farm in Ohio. Alpaca Jack's is a large and well respected farm that has been involved in alpacas since they were first imported to the US. Jack was very helpful through the whole purchase process and I am happy to be adding him to our alpaca support network. Alpaca Jack's has over 350 alpacas on their farm; I can't wait to visit the farm when we pick Paisley up in February!

Paisley is a 9 month old, full Peruvian grey suri girl. She has grey throughout her pedigree with Peruvian Magnifico as a grandsire and JAX Rum Runner as a sire. Although Paisley has good conformation and fiber, she has blue streaks in her eyes. Blue eyes are a heritable trait and can be accompanied by deafness (Paisley's hearing is fine). A breeding was included with her purchase and when she is ready, we plan to breed her to a solid dark colored animal with no white spots to avoid the white spot gene that can create a blue eyed cria.

In the last few years, we have learned a lot about huacaya alpacas, and while suri's are the same as huacayas besides their fiber and some say their personalities, we know little about them. Paisley will be an experiment for us to learn what the suri world is all about. We look forward to adding our first grey suri to our farm and embarking on this new part of our alpaca adventure.

Here is a picture of Paisley when she was born.
Here are some more recent pictures of Miss Paisley.

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