Thursday, October 1, 2009

Autumn Is Upon Us

It is October 1st and fall is in the air. As I walked out the door this morning to collect the chicken and duck eggs and feed all the animals my lungs filled with the crisp morning air. As I inhaled, I could smell a hint of winter on the breeze and as I exhaled the air around me was filled with a misty cloud. The fields and pumpkins were dusted in frost. Mother Nature is just starting to paint the leaves of the ancient trees in our yard beautiful auburn, rust and gold colors. As I approached the barn, I saw the alpacas all wore a thin blanket of frost that was just beginning to melt into tiny beads as the rays of the early morning sun touched them. As I fed the alpacas grain and water, I noticed that this is the first morning since last winter that the alpacas water buckets had a crystal layer of ice floating at the top. Autumn is upon us.

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