Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Paca Pranksters

So, yesterday morning I went out to feed the alpacas before I left for work. As usual, I let the chickens and ducks out first and then went to the barn for a scoop of food to distribute out to the alpacas. I have had a lot on my mind lately and as I walked into the catch pen where all the girls are usually hungrily waiting for breakfast, I vaguely noticed that there were not as many bodies as are usually present. I snapped out of my daze and noticed that Cinderella, Onyx, Bellesa, and 3 of the cria were the only ones in the catch pen. I glanced in the stall inside the barn which was empty. My eyes quickly scanned the pasture...nothing. My sight darted to all the gates that they could have possibly escaped through and they were all locked securely. My heart started racing and incoherent words started spilling from my mouth. I was missing 6 alpacas! Where were Lady, Soxy, Maree Sol, Snowflake, Apple, and d'Artagnan?!?!?!?! I continued to mutter who-knows-what as adrenaline pumped through my system and I ran out to the pasture thinking 'Maybe they are laying on the other side of the hill and I can't see them!' No pacas there! Just as I turned around and thought to myself, "Oh my God...someone has kidnapped our alpacas!", Maree Sol stuck her head out a cracked door in the hay barn. She saw me and came out, followed by the other missing five! There is a door in our hay barn that connects the barn to the catch pen. As we store hay in there, we don't normally have alpacas in the barn. Somehow, the latch must have not been secured properly the night before and the alpacas thought they would treat themselves to an early breakfast. I am assuming that after they entered the barn, the wind shut the door behind them, leaving a small crack and locking the other 6 alpacas out. Oh my goodness....I was so relieved to see their faces as they popped out through the slightly open doorway one at a time, still hungrily looking at he scoop of paca pellets in my hand. I tried to calm down and stop myself from shaking by taking some deep breaths. This was a dirty trick for the pacas to play on me so early in the morning!

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Randy Bancino said...

Never a dull moment on the old Schwander farm!