Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Michigan International Alpaca Fest

Sorry it has been a few weeks since my last post. I attempt to post updates weekly, but had found myself very busy getting ready for our Farm Open House for National Alpaca Farm Days and dealing with our puppy who broke her leg. I had a huge to-do list and little time to complete it. So, here I am , trying to get back to weekly posts. I plan to still post about our open house this week as it was a huge success and about our puppies broken leg, but I still need to upload my pictures.

Last weekend, the Michigan International Alpaca Fest was held in Flint, MI. This is normally the biggest alpaca show in Michigan, with 250-500 alpacas in attendance. While we normally attend, we were unable to show this year because we had no one to show. All of our females are pregnant and all of our babies are too young. Although we were unable to show, Ashton Stones Jolly Roger, whom we sold this spring did attend the show with his new farm parents. Jolly took 3rd place and the judge commented on his good conformation and nice straight legs. Here is a picture of Jolly and his third place ribbon. Congrats to our little Jolly boy! We are so proud of him!

The local ABC news covered the show as well. Follow this link to hear more from the local reporter.

Hundreds Of Alpacas Take Over Mid-Michigan

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cara said...

We stopped to see Jolly and could not believe how much he's grown! He's gotten a real macho look to him. His fiber is so soft too :)