Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Welcome Home Lola!

We brought our new Great Dane puppy home last weekend. Her name is Lola Cloud Schwander and she is a merle piebald great dane. She is 7 weeks old and weighs 17 lbs. She got thrown into our family amidst all the excitement and heartbreak last weekend, but she is doing very well so far. She sleeps through the night without crying and is already getting the hang of potty training. She had her ears cropped a week ago, so they are still healing. The cone on her head helps the ears to stay straight and heal well.

Here are some picture of little Lola with her new family. Lola and her big sister like to attack and cuddle with Daddy. Lola also got to meet her grandma who loves her new little grand-dogter!

Rozalyn is a big sister now and is doing pretty well with the new puppy. It is difficult because Rozalyn is only 5 months old (3 months older than Lola) and already weighs 75 lbs! Despite her large size, she still acts very much like a little puppy and wants to play rough with little Lola. At first, Rozalyn was scared of Lola...but that only last a few minutes. Then she tried to play rough with Lola, trying to bite her and slap her with her massive paws. We had to supervise them very very closely for the first few days. Now Rozalyn is getting along better with little Lola. She isn't being as rough with her and is careful not to bump her ears which are still tender and healing (Lola cries when she does bump them). Lola loves to sit on the couch and bat at and bite Rozalyn's face while Roz stands on the floor and nibbles on Lola's neck. It is really cute, Rozalyn will nibble on her neck like we would a cob of corn. She is learning to be much more gentle with her and only runs her over when she gets really excited. The pictures of them below are of Lola's second day home when Roz was still being a little rough. (sorry some of the pictures are blurry...they just move so you can see below....Roz was very excited and like a whirlwind around her little sister!)

We are so happy to have little Lola home on our farm. She has a beautiful personality and is very outgoing. Stay tuned for more pictures as she grows.

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