Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, they won't exactly be twins, but we are expecting two more cria on our farm this year out of Smokey. Smokey is quite "the man" and impregnated both Snowflake and Cinderella on the same day last year. Therefore, I am wondering if the two half siblings will decide to be born on the same day too! Both Cinderella and Snowflake are getting very round bellies and I have seen a lot of movement out of both of their cria. I am not-so-secretly hoping that they will both have girls, especially since our last 3 cria have been boys. I am predicting that Snowflake will go into labor first and have a brown girl. I predict Cinderella will hold onto her cria a little longer and have a silver grey girl. We will see....

As I was not good about updating this farm blog in 2008 and in honor of the impending births, I thought I would post some pictures of Snowflake's birth of Jolly Roger from last August of 2008. The birth went really well and she was a great mother!

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