Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I thought this was such a cute picture. d'Artagnan and his mommy taking a tan together! On nice sunny days, we will often see all the alpacas out in the pasture sunbathing like this. It is quiet the sight as they all look dead. They loved to relax!

d'Artagnan is doing really well. He has gained 10 lbs in the two weeks since his birth. He may be a large fellow like his mother. His Mama Maree Sol has lost weight since giving birth. She was very overweight and her body score felt like a table top. She is starting to slim down now and I am finally able to feel her backbone. She is such a large girl, it is difficult to get her on the scale, so I am not exactly sure how much she has lost, but she is looking better. It must be all the calories she burns nursing and chasing her rambunctious baby around. d'Artagnan is looking really good so far. He has a solid frame and thick legs. He has beautiful crimp and nice density. Here are some two week pictures of d'Artagnan.

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