Friday, August 14, 2009

Shepherdess Bride

A fiber friend in Florida sent me the link to this article today and I wanted to share it. While it is not alpaca, it is truly amazing and could have been made from alpaca fiber! Some people are just so creative! Enjoy!

Little Bo Peep Bride Marries in Stunning Dress Made of Wool from Her Own Flock of Sheep


Alecia said...

So...what is the time frame for making an alpaca fur wedding gown? How much is this going to cost to construct, do you think? This may be my NEXT crafty creation! :)

Noah and Jillian Schwander said... have really become quite the crafter this summer! You should definitely make your own alpaca wedding gown! I could see you walking down the aisle in it now! You would be gorgeous and eco-friendly!