Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Circle of Life

This weekend, my emotional state reflected that of the weather during the Grant Frontier Days; mist, rain, sun, poring rain, sun, mist, monsoon, sun, rain, wind, sun, poring rain.........etc. This weekend was quite eventful for us and it took a lot out of me to say the least. I am feeling exceptionally tired this evening. Where to start......hmmmm...... a week ago, one of our ferrets appeared to have been suffering from a stroke. She is old for a ferret and we were worried for our little girl Rosco. Upon further research and reading, it seemed she was experiencing symptoms of kidney failure and really nothing could be done for our little girl, especially considering she is elderly. So we spent the whole week trying to make her comfortable and hand feeding her baby food. It was very difficult for me to see her go from being an active, playful bright eyed little girl to wasting away. Also last week, one of our male ducks started beating on another of our males and cast him out of the flock. All the other ducks shunned him and he ran away into the soy bean fields across the street a few times. We finally caught him and weren't sure what to do with him, so we put him in our dog run outside until we could figure something out. So the week leading up to this weekend had been stressful on our farm.

On Friday, we spent the afternoon setting up our alpaca booth for Frontier Days in Grant and spent the evening demonstrating spinning and felting at our booth. It rained while we were setting up, but got sunny when the booth actually opened which was nice. After the Frontier Fest, we took care of little Rosco and I said good bye to her because I felt like she would not make it through the night. We had originally planned on picking our new dane puppy Lola up on Sunday, but the breeder had a last minute change in plans and we decided to pick Lola up early Saturday morning before setting up our alpaca booth.

On Saturday, before leaving to pick Lola up at 6:30am, we checked on little Rosco and she had passed away in the night. We decided to have a funeral for her later that evening. We brought Miss Lola home and had to go set up our booth. Of course all through the day it was rain, sun, rain, sun, rain, sun....very frustrating weather. On a good note, we met a family who lives near us who said they have 3 female ducks and might be interested in adopting our outcast duck. We ended up packing our booth up 2 hours early along with everyone else because of the weather and went home. We played with our puppies which caused some stress as well. Rozalyn is 5 months old and weighs 75 lbs. Lola is 2 months old and weighs 17 lbs. They both act like puppies, so we had to closely supervise play time so Roz didn't accidentally hurt Lola. We charged the camera batteries on Saturday night. I told Noah that I wanted to take pictures of the puppies on Sunday and I felt like Cinderella would have her cria on Sunday. We ended Saturday with a funeral for little Rosco under the setting sun.

Sunday morning came and luckily little Lola did well her first night at her new home. I went out to the barn at 7:30am to find a wet cria kushed in the field next to Cinderella! I ran to the house as fast as I could to tell Noah the news. We went out to find a cold, but otherwise healthy true black baby girl cria. We spent the morning getting her temp up. We decided to name our new little girl Ashton Stone Little Miss Rosco. She is beautiful. To end the day, the family we met at the Frontier Days decided they wanted to adopt our outcast duck so we brought him to his new home.

This weekend was crazy. We lost our ferret Baby Rosco and our outcast duck, but gained a new dane puppy Lola and a new cria Miss Rosco. Sunshine, happy times, poring rain, sad times....all a part of the great circle of life I suppose. I plan to blog about each of these events individually this week. Stay tuned for more detailed stories.

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