Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ashton Stones Peruvian d'Artagnan

We decided to name our newest cria Ashton Stones Peruvian d'Artagnan after Alexander Dumas' protagonist in the Three Musketeers. The character is based on Charles de Batz-Castelmore d'Artagnan, who was a valiant and accomplished soldier who attained the post of Captaine Lieutenant of the Musketeers (the highest rank under the king himself, who, in fact, commanded the Musketeers). I have always liked the name and felt that it fit him well considering he looks like he is wearing boots and a hat. Also, while his chin and nose are white, his upper lip is brown, making him look like he has a mustache. Here is an image of the real d'Artagnan.

d'Artagnan is doing very well so far. He is gaining close to a pound a day and has tons of energy. We are excited to see how he matures as he has great potential already! Not only is he full Peruvian and light rose grey, he also has Mister Antonio, Hemingway, Silvino, and Felix in his background. We can't wait to get him in the show rings next year! We sheared d'Artagnan over the weekend. Since he already has a great staple length, we just took the outside cria tips of which exposed the beautiful crimp beneath. Here are a few shorn pictures of the little guy.

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