Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ashton Stones Jolie Rouge

Noah came up with a name for our new little girl. Ashton Stones Jolie Rouge. "Jolie" as is Angelina JOLIE and "Rouge" as is Moulin ROUGE. But he did not name her after either Angelina or Moulin Rouge. He decided to stick with the pirate theme and named her Jolie Rouge after the theory that the pirate flag, the Jolly Roger, was corrupted from its original version...Jolie Rouge....which meant "pretty red" in french. Despite most people recognizing the white skull and crossbones on a black background as the pirate insignia, many pirate flags were actually red. It is thought that pirates gave quarter beneath the black flag, while no quarter was given beneath the red flag. You didn't know you would be getting a pirate history lesson...did you? Anyway, considering we named Snowflake's first cria Jolly Roger and this newest little girl is Jolly's full sister, Noah decided on Jolie Rouge. It fits her well considering she is a beautiful reddish-maroon color.
So far, Jolie is doing well. She is gaining weight and getting stronger every day. She is even starting to run with the older boys, much to her mother's dismay. Poor Snowflake chases after her humming when she gets too far away. We are not quiet sure yet if she will be medium brown of dark brown. She also seems to have a little bay black here and there. Only time will tell. Here are some more pictures of the little girl when she was one day old.


Alecia said...

Love the name!!! You guys are so good at picking out creative names for animals! Remember when "Butterfinger" had two babies back in the day? I knew I could count on you for quality names, even, back then, "Black" and "Decker" (may both of them RIP) :) lol...What a little cutie Jolie is!

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Awww....thanks! Poor Black in Decker...may their little piglet souls rest in peace. Maybe you will let me name your children someday! ; )