Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lola Cloud Schwander

We have decided to add a new member to our ever growing family. Meet Lola Cloud Schwander.


One week old

Lola is a piebald merle female Great Dane puppy. She is only 3 1/2 weeks old, so we won't be bringing her home until the end of August, but we did get to visit her a week ago. She is two weeks old in the pics below.
Our search for another great dane actually started 8 or 9 months ago, when we decided to get a younger sibling for Sephiroth. Now that Sephiroth has passed and we have Rozalyn, we decided to get a younger sibling for her as well. She loves to play with other dogs and I think another puppy would be great for her. Well, we have been on a few different waiting lists with a few different reputable dane breeders over the last few months and finally decided on a puppy. Lola is from FerriDanes in Michigan.
Lola is just adorable! She is mostly white, with merle markings on her head, side, and rump (known as a piebald). Her mother is a harlequin and her father is a mantle. There were 4 other pups in her litter which are pictures above. Lola is 3 weeks old in the pictures below.

Her AKC name will be "FerriDanes Cloud Strife." If you have kept up with our blog, you know that our first dane's name was Sephiroth...a dark antagonist from the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts video games. In Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts there is a protagonist known as Cloud Strife. Although Cloud and Sephiroth are mortal enemies, they are somehow connected. They are like light and dark or yin and yang. Anyway, when we were originally looking for another puppy, we wanted to name it Cloud Strife to go along with our Sephiroth. Well, of course, life has other plans. Now we have "Rozalyn Sephiroth Schwander" and will be adding "Lola Cloud Schwander" to our family. We don't really have a reasoning as to where "Rozalyn" and "Lola" came from, we just liked the names. Rozalyn's AKC name is "BNB's One Winged Angel" (which is another name for Sephiroth) and Lola's AKC name will be "FerriDanes Cloud Strife." So that is the explanation behind our elaborate puppy names. I know....a little crazy : ) Pictured below are Cloud Strife and Sephiroth.

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Randy Bancino said...

Pretty soon you and Noah will have to sleep in the barn so all the animals can fit in the house! :)