Monday, July 27, 2009

It's a Boy!

Maree Sol had her cria this morning at 347 days. The birth went really well and the cria is the largest and strongest we have had to date. He weighed in at 20 lbs and stood up within 8 minutes after being born. 15 minutes after birth he was running and was amazing! He is quite robust and seems very healthy. When he was first born, he was wet and looked dark brown with white socks, chin, nose, and a white patch on his forehead. Now that he is drying, he is looking light rose grey. His legs, neck and head are definitely grey. His blanket is still drying, but there are definitely white/grey fibers here and there throughout the blanket. He looks like a dark fawn alpaca who has been dusted in powdered sugar. We will wait until he dries to call it for sure, but he looks like a full Peruvian Light ROSE Grey boy! We are so excited! We are still working on a name. We will post pictures and more info about his birth soon.

Here are a few pictures of him. I plan to add his birth pics and info later this week.


Randy Bancino said...

Congratulations! He is very cute! I especially like the white boots!

cara said...

He is gorgeous! I love the color!!