Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alpaca Update

Things have been very busy around our farm and I have a whole list of blog topics piling up that I need to catch up on. I am very excited to meet Maree Sol's cria in the next few weeks. She will be at 335 days next week. We don't have a gestation history on her, so I am not sure what to expect time-wise. Her tummy is getting very large and very low, although she is very overweight which makes it difficult to see cria movement. Cinderella and Snowflake are due next month and are both looking pretty large. I have seen a lot of movement out of Snowflakes cria lately. I am very excited for the next three births. I hope to be able to see the births in person. I am predicting that Maree Sol will have a white or light fawn girl, Cinderella will have a grey girl, and I can't get a good read on Snowflake yet, but I am hoping girl. Maybe I am being overly optimistic!

We got ultrasounds of some of our spring bred girls today. Lady is pregnant and 35 days along! Our boarder Onyx is pregnant and about 30 days along! They both took on the first breeding which is great. We will re-ultrasound at 90 days to make sure they maintain their pregnancies. Apple was ultrasounded too, but the results were inconclusive. She is either 20 days pregnant or she has a uterine infection. We will have her tested again in a week or two to see before treating for infection. It was a little early to do an ultrasound, so I am hoping she is pregnant and just showing mixed behaviors when behavior testing because she is a maiden. Also, our girl Bellesa who is boarding in Indiana was ultrasounded this week and it was confirmed that she is 45 days pregnant. She will have another ultrasound at 90 days and hopefully we will be bringing her home in late August. That is a quick update on what is going on with our alpacas. Stay tuned for more updates!

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