Monday, June 29, 2009

Teddy Has a Home

Last Thursday, our foster dog Teddy's home was located. I don't have all the details on who the people are and how they lost Teddy, but they were very happy to have him home. It was sad for me to see him leave. It is strange how quickly one can get attached to a dog, especially a sweet and loving one. He was only with us for a few weeks, but his memory will last forever. I am happy that he found his way home though. One strange coincidence is that I had been calling him Buddy. The rescue agency referred to him as Teddy Stray, but I tried lots of different names with him. I thought he responded best to the name Buddy, so we had been alternating between calling him Buddy and Teddy. Strangely, the owners said that his actual name is "Buddy!" Maybe I truly am in tune with animals and am a true dog whisperer! What are the chances that I guessed his name out of the millions of names out there! Or, maybe I just got lucky! We may never know. Buddy was a wonderful dog and I hope that our rambunctious puppy becomes a dog like Buddy some day!

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Randy Bancino said...

Goodbye Buddy. Via con dios...