Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ashton Stones Peruvian Riphaeus Royale

We finally decided on a name for our newest cria. Last Tuesday, our girl Lady Liberty gave birth at 367 days to an 18 lb full Peruvian white male out of Our Peruvian Snowstorm of Irish Valley Farm Alpacas. Lady's first crias was named Smokey, probably for his modern dark silver grey fleece. We named her second cria Appalachia (because she was born the day that the Appalachian State Mountaineers beat the University of Michigan in 2007 in football in a huge upset and we are huge U of M fans). As an after thought, we realized that her first two offspring are named after mountain ranges. We have decided to continue the mountain range theme and named our newest cria out of Lady, Ashton Stones Peruvian Riphaeus Royale. Montes Riphaeus is a lunar mountain range. The Riphean Mountains are also mentioned by authors of classical antiquity, whose location cannot be definitely attributed within modern geography, but all sources agree that they are cold and blanketed with snow. We decided to add the Royale to his name as our little Riphaeus is descended from a long line of powerhouse herdsires such as Snowmass Millenium, Peruvian Felix, Peruvian Legacy, Peruvian Augusto, and Peruvian Hemmingway. Hopefully our little guy will live up to his name and do well in the show ring someday. Pictured below is Riphaeus's ribbon winning sire Our Peruvian Snowstorm.

As I mentioned in my last post about our cria, I missed his birth, but Noah luckily caught it all on tape and got some great pictures. Lady ate her grain as normal at 7:30am. She was still acting normal at 9:00am when I left for work. At 10:15am, Noah noticed that Lady was restless, changing positions often and standing over the poo pile, but not going to the bathroom. By 10:50am, the cria's nose began to appear with the sac still in tact as a bubble around the nose. Within the next 10 minutes, the cria slowly emerged with correct head and leg positions. When the cria was dangling by its hips, Noah broke the sac as the umbilical cord was about to break and the cria needed to start breathing. He said the sac was more difficult to break than he anticipated. It was thick and rubbery. The cria dangled for five more minutes as its lungs drained and then it hit the ground. Noah dried the cria off with towels as it was a little windy.

Here are the birth pictures (caution: they are graphic in nature).

Noah broke the amniotic sac at this point.

Riphaeus stood about about 50 minutes after being born and started nursing. His legs were bent in funny directions at the ankles, probably from being cramped inside his mama for so long. They have already corrected themselves now as he is getting exercise and running with the rest of the herd. When Riphaeus was standing for the first time, Lady passed her placenta. After letting mom and cria bond for awhile, we weighed him (18 lbs), weighed the placenta (because we were was 6.6lbs), we checked his mouth and back end to make sure everything looked normal. We also took his temp and respiration which were normal and put triodine on his umbilical stump. It took him more than 8 hours to dry completely and his fiber already feels dense, so we are hoping for show quality fleece. Riphaeus really seems to love to roll. His fleece was a dingy white from rolling before he even dried. Below Riphaeus is standing for the first time and the placenta is emerging.

Riphaeus is awkwardly trying to find the milk machine.

Riphaeus finally got the hang of it and even has a milk moustache.

Full belly. Nap time!

So far, he is doing well. Because Lady had really horrible mastitis in the past, her teats are very large and stretched out now. He only seems to be latching on well to one or two of them and we are milking them all out twice a day to keep them down so they are small enough for him to latch on. Because he has lost a few ounces here and there, we have been supplementing 2-3 times a day with either milk that we have milked out of Lady or with powder formula. Luckily we don't have to completely bottle feed him like we did with Apple, we are just supplementing to make sure he is maintaining/gaining weight and not losing too much. We suspect he may not be getting enough milk from Lady as he is only nursing off one teat regularly. We will continue to monitor his weight and health to make sure we have a healthy and active cria. Below are some fun birthday pictures of Riphaeus.
Riphaeus is already striking aa macho pose hours after birth.
Future Jr herdsire or just playing with older sister Appalachia?

Apple stood up and sent Riphaeus flying. He landed on the ground below.

Later that day, we let Riphaeus back out into the pasture with the rest of the ladies. Notice he is finally looking more dry in the pictures, but is dingy from rolling.

Don't worry...he's okay...he's just rolling.


cara said...

he is so cute!! congrats! The white ones always seem to love to roll. I'm glad he's at least nursing some.

Noah and Jillian Schwander said...

Unfortunately he is not getting enough milk and it looks like we will be supplementing for awhile. He does get some from Lady, but not enough for maintenance and growth. I can't wait to see your new cria in person. She looks like Sancha in the pics on your blog.