Friday, April 17, 2009

Update: Cinderella's Tummy Ache

I just wanted to give a quick update on how Cinderella is doing. She is back to normal and chewing cud just like everyone else. We palpated Cinderella's belly to feel the cria as the vet instructed us to do. After a minute or two or palpating, we were able to locate the 7 month old cria. When we pressed into her side, the cria would push back at us. It was very amazing to experience. As a side note, after palpating Cinderella, we tried our girl Lady who is 11 months along in her pregnancy to see what we could feel. Her skin on her belly is stretched so tight because she is so close to giving her due date. There was really no room to push in, but we could feel her cria move by just placing our hand on her belly.

In addition, we got Cinderella's fecal results back from the vet and there were no concerns there, which is great. I am thinking that she probably just gorged herself on the new rich hay and got a bad case of indigestion. Thankfully, all is well with her now.

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