Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Best of the Midwest Alpaca Show

Jolly Roger attended the Best of the Midwest Alpaca Show in Columbus, OH on March 13-15. Our friends at Oak Haven Alpacas took him to the show along with 4 of their alpacas while we "alpaca-sat" for them back in Michigan. The show is a level IV show, meaning there were around 500 alpaca in attendance. This was Jolly Roger's first show and we worked diligently on halter training him and weaning him before he left. During color check, Jolly Roger was bumped into the light brown class instead of the dark fawn class we originally entered him in. We have volunteered to do color checking at shows in the past and alpacas frequently change color classes for show. If Jolly Roger was slightly darker that dark fawn, but lighter than light brown, they would have to bump him into the darker category which was light brown which is what probably happened in this case. Jolly Roger had 6 other alpacas in his class of light brown juvenile (under 1 year old) male alpacas. There were several large farms in JR's class. Large shows usually offer intense competition as large farms are normally in attendance. Because larger farms have so many crias born on their farm, they are able to put an awesome show string together and only bring the cream of their cria crop to shows. Also, all of the other alpacas in JR's class had been shorn last year. As JR was born in late August, we felt that it would not be in his best interest to have him shorn in the fall since the weather was getting colder. Our friends at Oak Haven reported that Jolly Roger behaved very well in the ring and on his halter. The judge had a difficult time locating both of Jolly Roger's testicles, but eventually found them both. Jolly Roger placed 6th in his class. He was awarded a beautiful green and black ribbon. The judge commented that JR was not as dense as the alpacas placed before him. This may have been because he had not been shorn and still had his wispy cria tips which would make him seem less dense or he was possibly just not as dense. Jolly Roger will be attending the Indiana Alpaca Invitational this weekend in Fort Wayne, IN and the Michigan Alpaca Breeder's Show and Fiber Fair in Davisburg, MI the first weekend in May. We will see how he holds up in these show rings before we decide to continue showing him and to have him become a herdsire one day or if we retire him from the show ring and have him becomes a pet/fiber alpaca.

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