Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning To Do List

I feel like spring is right around the corner. Maybe I only feel that way because the temps are flirting with 60 degrees today and I have seen more sunshine in the last several days than I have seen in months. Despite there being a thunderstorm and then a snowstorm in the forecast for the next week, I am optimistic that the flowers will be blooming soon and the newborn spring crias will be pronking through the pastures in no time. Since spring is on its way, Noah and I have started a Spring Cleaning To Do List. Well, it is actually more like a 2009 To Do List. It includes all kinds of things we would like to clean, organize, renovate and accomplish on our farm and on our house this year. Here is our farm to do list so far:

1. Clean out and organize the alpaca barn
2. Clean out and organize the hay barn
3. Enlarge and cement the stalls in the alpaca barn
4. Finish staining the alpaca barn
5. Split our large pasture into two smaller pastures
6. Replant grass in some areas of some of the pastures
7. Harvest our hay field
8. Plant a veggie garden (using alpaca poo fertilizer) and learn how to can fruits and veggies
9. Plant some trees in our pastures
10.Get some chickens for eggs and meat
11.Get our fiber processed and start marketing and selling our fiber products
12.Continue learning how to spin yarn from fiber
13.Get a Minivan for easier alpaca transport
14.Show Jolly Roger at several shows in the midwest
15.Anxiously await the birth of our 5 cria
16.Create a heated birthing stall for late fall/winter cria
17.We may possibly participate in the National Alpaca Farm Days this fall
18.Visit and network with more alpaca farms in Michigan
19.Pick our newest addition Bellesa up from a farm in Indiana
20.Put up farm sign

Now this list does not include the never ending tasks that need to be completed on our house. But as this is our farm blog, I will not bore you with the details of renovation and maintenance on a 113 year old farmhouse. We have a lot to accomplish this year, but so far we are right on track with our original alpaca business and farm plan...well, so far, we are even a little ahead. So this should be an exciting and busy year.

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