Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy First Birthday Sephiroth!

Tuesday, February 24 was Seph's first Birthday. He is getting to be a big boy...115 lbs and almost 3 feet tall at the shoulders. He will continue to grow for about another 6 months. We had a little party for Seph on Tuesday night.

First, a trip down memory lane....this was Seph was he was a newborn. It is hard to believe that he was ever that small and innocent!

At his party, Seph got a special food mixed with that crazy Beneful savory lamb and rice stew that looks like human food. We put a candle on top...but he seemed to be scared of it.

Of course, Seph's best friends were in attendance at his big birthday bash. They were very excited!
These are his favorite "friends"...the only toys he has never destroyed and loves to play with. The crusty green hedgehog was sent home with him from the breeder and the squeaky creepy monster is his new favorite.Here is Seph with his favorite human in the whole world...his daddy Noah. Although Seph loves his mommy millions...he seems to love his daddy million trillions.

Next, Seph got to open all his presents. He got a rawhide, some stuffed animals, a few squeaky toys and a new bone.
After opening all his gifts, he played with them and his guests for awhile.

Then he was very tuckered from such a great first birthday and he passed out on the bed.

Happy Birthday Sephiroth!

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