Friday, February 13, 2009

Beware of Rodents!

Most of our alpaca medical supplies, cria kit, halters, and cria coats are kept in an old wooden desk in our barn. Before winter arrived, I brought all of the meds that could freeze into the house for safe keeping, but left the rest behind. A few weeks ago, when removing a towel from one of the drawers, I noticed that it was chewed to shreds. I quickly whipped the cria coats out of the same drawer praying that they would not be harmed. Luckily, they survived the nawing teeth of mice. Last night, Noah and I went to get a needle out of one of the other drawers, and what did you think we found? Well, we found the rest of the towel...all fluffed up in a ball....right inside the needle box. Upon further inspection, we also discovered two little mice and lots of pee and poo! I was really grossed out. We had to dump the needles. The mice escaped into the barn unharmed. My real question is...what does our barn cat do all day and night? She sleeps in a heated cat bed on top of that wooden desk...directly above the mouse condo. I mean...I know she is getting up in there in years, but would it kill her to do her job and keep the mice out of the barn? Oh well, at least nothing else was destroyed by the rascally rodents!

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