Monday, December 8, 2008

Tour of our Farm

We bought our farm in January of 2008. I have always wanted to live in and renovate an old farm house. We found our dream home, a 112 year old farm house on 10.5 acres in Grant, MI last fall. It is perfect for alpacas. It needs a lot of work, but only cosmetic. The foundation is holding up well for such an old house. The barns are all in good shape. Here are a few pictures of the farm we took fall of 2007 when we first discovered it for sale. Above is a picture of the house. I love all the old oak and pine trees in the yard!

Here are some pictures of the barns before we put our fences for the alpacas up.
This is a barn that used to be a horse barn (you can see the horse weather vane on top...we will have to replace it with an alpaca weather vane some day). We have since stained the barn.

Here is the inside of the barn before we moved in and made some changes for the alpacas. We enlarged one of the stalls to make room for multiple alpacas.The barn has 4 huge windows that you can sort of see in this picture. I love how much light it lets in!
Here is a picture of the barn from behind before we put pastures here.

These are some pictures of the hay barn and garage/workshop/grain loft.

Above is a picture of the hay barn and garage from behind before we put pastures in here. We have since painted the hay barn all red. I love how it looks with the tin roof.

Above is a picture of the hay barn after we painted it red. It has a large hay loft above. Below is a shelter for Smokey. It also has a dog kennel attached to it with an indoor run as you can see.

Above is a picture of the garage. Above is an old grain loft. Right now we are storing fiber in it. Noah has dreams or turning it into a "Man Cave" someday! Below the loft is a garage and heated workshop for all of Noah's tools and toys.

Above is one of my most favorite features about the farm. We would like to either move the windmill or cut the tree down someday so it is more visible. We would also like to paint it. Old Windmills must be hard to come buy as we have had several people offer to buy our windmill from us since we have lived here.

Above is a picture of Seph looking out into our hay field. The barn you see in the distance is our closest neighbor to the right. It belongs to a farmer that owns and farms all the land on each side of us. He actually harvested our hay for us this year for our alpacas. He took the first cut for his cows and we got the second cut for our alpacas. It was too dry this year for any more cuts.

Above is another picture of our hay field with Seph frolicking through it. We may turn it into more pastures and add another barn here someday.

Above is a picture of our Seph by our pond. It is the best pic I could find of our pond. It is a good will be great for ice skating in the winter. Our neighbor told us that it is about 20 ft deep! So far, we haven't seen any fish in it, but lots of frogs!

So that is a tour of our farm soon. We look forward to making lots of changes inside and out in the future!

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