Monday, January 21, 2008

Our Background

When I was in college at the University of Michigan, I saw a commercial for alpacas and instantly fell in love with the fluffy and fascinating creatures. I quickly informed my fiancĂ© and family about the interesting camelids from South America and attempted to convince them that one day, I would have an alpaca farm of my very own. Despite my excitement, my family was skeptical. I had always wanted to be a veterinarian growing up and had owned many different animals, but ended up going into psychology and anthropology instead, yet never gave up my dream of working with animals. After we graduated from college, got married and completed a lot of research, I convinced my husband that alpacas were in our future and we started visiting many farms throughout Michigan. We bought our first two alpacas in 2006; a dark fawn bred female and a beige maiden female. The following year, we added a grey maiden female, a full Peruvian grey herdsire, and our first cria to our farm. In 2007, we attended our first alpaca shows and had a blast getting to know other breeders and showing some of our girls. In 2008, we moved to a larger farm in Grant, Michigan. We’ve never regretted our decision to start our alpaca farm and we really love spending time with our alpacas. We’ve enjoyed learning the ins and outs of care and breeding, as well as getting to know other alpaca breeders and the industry. We look forward to increasing our herd size and quality of animals in the coming years.


violentgirl screamed said...

wow. i'm in the u of m and your alpaca farm sounds way cool!

lo llaguter said...

me too

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